Tuesday, August 15 2017
10:30am - 11:30am

The Do's and Don'ts of Working With Challenging Patrons Webinar

PCI Webinars is offering SOMD libraries seats in the following webinar through them. If you or your staff are interested, please see the registration link at the bottom of this announcement. This session will also be available in the PCI Webinars archive one week after the session. Please only register if you can attend the live session.

PCI Webinar with Bob Pacanovsky
The Do's and Don'ts of Working with
Challenging Patrons

Tuesday, August 15th, from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Eastern

Competency: Customer Service
Sub-Category: Maintains a calm, professional manner in difficult situations and applies effective communication techniques

What is a challenging patron? It all depends on who you ask and what branch of the library they work for.

Challenging patrons are various types of people, all with different issues and concerns. From eccentric behaviors to mentally unbalanced people. From unruly children, to those who are upset or angry with the library itself. Their concerns can be all across the board.
In this interactive and informative webinar, participants will learn:
-Identifying challenging patrons and present ideas to help work with them.
-Words and phrases to use and not to use when working with a challenging patron
-To resolve conflicts -with the formula of LASTS- as it applies to the different categories of patrons- Look-Attitude - Speak - Take Responsibility- Serve

Attendees will have the opportunity to create a personal plan of action and accountability that will help them put these ideas into practice.

Bob Pacanovsky -Biography
Bob Pacanovsky has been helping elevate brands for over 20 years! And now he is taking this experience and helping organizations and individuals "outclass their competition." He is a professional speaker, entrepreneur and expert in making people make great first impressions and turning clients into loyal fans!

Bob rebranded his latest company, The Vation Group, in January, 2015, after selling his catering and event company that he founded in 2000. During that time, he helped create over 7,000 events. His experience in the Hospitality and Event industries has helped him launch his speaking and consulting company, The Vation Group. He has a speaking & training business under his own name as well.

Please register by Aug 8, 2017 via tinyurl.com/yb2zrzg3 . This session uses VoIP, high-speed Internet and a headset/speakers are required.

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