Tuesday, April 28 2020

Blackboard Collaborate
Tuesday, April 28, 9am to 10am

Blackboard Collaborate with presenter Linda Zuckerman, LATI Coordinator
Are you looking for an alternative to Zoom for your internal meetings or public programs? Have you considered using Blackboard? Each public library system in Maryland has a virtual meeting space set up in Blackboard Classroom. We will be holding a sandbox session to discuss:
1. How to use your systemís virtual meeting space.
2. How to set up a separate Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session and obtain a guest link for public programming.
3. Public programming best practices.
4. Blackboard collaborate features like polling and whiteboard.
5. Answering your questions.

Register: tinyurl.com/ycqot5tw
Wednesday, April 29, 12pm to 1pm - tinyurl.com/y9dkzhb5

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