Wednesday, November 13 2019
9:00am - 4:00pm

Preparation Not Paranoia

Most crime prevention experts will attest that there is no "silver bullet" that can guarantee a safe working environment. Those same experts will also attest to the importance of developing and maintaining a sense of situational awareness, and its positive impact on a safe workplace. To that end, and because we live and work in very dynamic environments facing unpredictable challenges, factors and behaviors, we must be ever cognizant of our surroundings, consistently practice safe smart habits and learn to respect our intuition when it signals trouble. We must also understand our role, responsibilities and ability in such a given situation and be prepared to respond accordingly. In this interactive safety program with Harry Katt, he'll focus on the situational awareness that staff members need, while incorporating tactical considerations when dealing with more common behavior issues that they may encounter.

Attendees of this program will learn how to:
-Enhance the personal safety awareness and self-confidence of staff members in the workplace
-Examine the importance of situational awareness and how to develop or strengthen that sense
-Use the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act)
-Explain the stages of mental awareness as defined by the "Cooper Model"
-Identify the three most common obstacles that challenge individual and organizational Situational Awareness and how to overcome them
-Use tactical concepts and considerations for staff members to enhance their safety
-Respond (Run, Hide, Fight) to active shooter and/or workplace violence situations
-Promote the overall safety and welfare of the staff and those that visit the workplace

Please register by Nov 5th. St Mary's, Calvert, and Charles County library staff please contact the regional directly. All others may be placed on the waitlist via .

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