Tuesday, January 24 2017
10:00am - 12:00pm

Organizational Storytelling

Storytelling expert and author Brian Bosche will provide an interactive presentation using aggregated data highlighting employee engagement and messaging. Every attendee will be provided with a framework to adopt the strategies presented.

Presentation Highlights:
-Organizational Storytelling: What it means and why it is essential to retain employees
-Elements of the most memorable stories
-Transforming members into raving fans
-How to retain more talented staff by communicating your story better
-Sharing your story to attract better talent
-Social media and marketing strategies used by the experts
-Identifying yourself in the organizational story
-Research Overview: How storytelling has allowed traditional industries to reinvent themselves
-Exercise: Role Play: Telling the most compelling story ever
-Exercise: Identifying your own story and using it to blow minds

Please register by January 13th. St Mary's, Calvert, and Charles counties; please contact the regional directly. All others may be placed on the wait list via tinyurl.com/joe5xgp .

For more information, contact Jennifer Hopwood jhopwood@somd.lib.md.us or by phone (301) 884-0436 * (301) 843-3634 * (301) 934-9442.

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