Wednesday, April 4 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm

Trust, Technology, and Storytelling: How Social Changes Impact Fundraising (Blackbaud)

Trust in media, brands, and traditional gatekeepers is declining.Formerly influential voices no longer move opinions, and there’s less certaintyin the world. At the same time, individuals are becoming consumers AND creatorsof media as result of mobile apps and social networking platforms. Yourfundraising must pivot and adjust to these trends: What will it take to remaineffective, grow support, and drive engagement? In this webinar, Fundraising andCommunications Expert Michael Hoffman—founder of social good marketing agencySee3, the DoGooder Video Awards, and tech startup Gather Voices—will provideanswers. Join him to learn how storytelling and powerful tech can drivenext-level acquisition and retention.

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