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There are a few applications that can help you set up and deliver an online meeting or training.

Google Hangouts

The MLA Technology Committee, LATI, the Sailor Network Managers Group and the Statewide Staff Development group have been working with Google Hangouts since 2013, finding the service a convenient and free way to hold virtual meetings.  If you have a Gmail account with Google+, and your computer has a camera, mic and Internet connection, you are ready to go!

Below are support documents developed by the MLA Technology Committee.

Blackboard Collaborate

PC-based live conferencing is available via the Blackboard Collaborate platform.  You can sit at your PC and connect to others at theirs by plugging in your headset with microphone (example) and using an online whiteboard with other features in a virtual room. These virtual rooms are available for staff training and meetings. The rooms can only be used for Maryland public library business (and MLA business).  To use a room, you must reserve it via the Virtual Meeting Calendar.  Please check with your staff development coordinator to make the reservation and obtain the room URL.  (Room URLs cannot be posted here due to license agreement).  For MLA meetings and events, please contact the MLA Office. Training on how to conduct a meeting or attend a training is available and posted on the Statewide Training & Events Calendar.  Search for "Learn How to Learn Online" and "Learn How to Meet Online"

Here are some additional documents that you may find useful:
Blackboard Collaborate Tip Sheet 

Doodle is a free web-based application that allows you to easily schedule your meeting or training by polling participants for their availability.

Vyew offers a free product that can be used for PC-based meetings.  Participants can comment on a document any time, plus launch a live meeting to further discuss it.  The product is currently in beta and has limited seats for free. Vyew is a no download product, but still requires Flash.  If you register to use it, you can invite others to your free meeting space.

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