Library Associate Training Institute (LATI)
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LATI provides tools, techniques, information and ideas and practice opportunities for LAs to enhance and develop their professional competencies
Job responsibilities and training for library associates in Maryland are dictated by Maryland law (see below for COMAR 13A.05.04.03). According to the law, library associates are required to complete 90 hours of approved in-service training within the first two years of their appointment to a library associate position. They are also required to do so in order to participate in the Maryland State Retirement System (see COMAR Although each library system may conduct their own in-service training, there has been a history of cooperative training for library associates in Maryland since the 1960s. In 1980, The Division of Library Development and Services began to offer an approved, statewide program to ensure consistent, quality customer service for all 24 public and 3 regional library systems. In 1996, the Library Associate Training Institute was launched; offering a blended approach of online training and face-to-face meetings.  The revised 2010 LATI program is the result of An Evaluation of the Library Associate Training Institute by Nancy Bolt and Jody Howard, dated May, 2008, and two years of work by the LATI Oversight Committee. 

LATI Handbook -
Part I -  LATI Handbook (Program Overview) - 06.13.19
Part II - Core Curriculum - updated 04.12.16
Part III - Syllabus Fall 2019 and EESP Syllabus November 2019 
LATI Oversight Committee (LOC) Members - refer to Part I

LATI program proposals from the Spring 2012 cohort onward are available here

LOC Meetings:  The committee meets five times per year

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