Staff Development Coordinators

Hi, we're the statewide staff development coordinators in Maryland Public Libraries.  We are a statewide community of practice group.


We communicate via listserv and quarterly meetings.  Meetings are for members.

Chairpersons:  Katie George, Howard County Library and Maurice Coleman, Harford County Public Library.

Meeting Schedule 2020:
Thursday, January 23, 10am to 12pm - Online
Thursday, April 2, 10am to 12pm - Online
Thursday, June 18, 10am to 12pm - Online
Thursday, September 10, 1pm to 3pm - Online

Statewide Training & Events Calendar

June is our planning meeting.  We review needs, prioritize and plan together. 


Updates about public librarian certification, public library director certification, and educational requirements for library associates are discussed during our meetings.  Forms and guides are located here under Library Staff Programs.  Staff Development Coordinators may contact Tamar Sarnoff, Maryland State Library, for more information.